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This is my eighth year growing garlic from this excellent strain of German Extra-Hardy seed.  I plant 20,000 cloves each fall, and have truly excellent garlic stock. This seed stock is certified organic.

The variety is German Extra-Hardy, which is a hardneck variety with sturdy stems. This variety produces beautiful purple-striped very large bulbs  (2 1/4" in diameter), with 5-10 cloves per bulb (avg 8). This garlic variety fares well in harsh winters. I grow in zone 5 and plant mid-October. The tips of the garlic are exposed all winter, giving the garlic a head-start for spring growth. For taste, this garlic is hard to beat. It is a fairly spicy garlic, very strong raw flavor, mellowing when cooked. Simply delicious!





Growing tip: Hard-neck varieties produce a scape mid-spring, which is a flower stalk that grows in the middle of the plant. It has a swan-shaped head. When it starts to curl, snap it off. For culinary purposes, scapes are sought-after for their delicate garlic taste, wonderful in soups or sauteed. But, equally importantly for your garlic, removing the scape allows the plant to put its energy into bulb growth to reach maximum size potential.





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